Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cavalry Horse Painting

I have always been fascinated with Charles Reid's watercolors. Read every book  he has put out, watched every video, and still can't get that looseness in my paintings that he seems to produce.

Every time I sit down to paint, I have him in mind, and try to keep my paintings as loose as possible, but always seem to tighten up in the end. When Charles feels that his paintings are getting too tight, he loads up his brush with paint and just splashes it on the paper, connects it to his subject and it just seems to work.
Notice how he uses the white of the paper. Rarely does he have the background filled in to the borders. He lets the subject merge into the background with soft edges.

Here is a painting I did of Robert E. Lee, using some of Charles' techniques. I wanted to vignette the background and leave it mostly white, but chickened out and filled it in with color to the border, but still tried to keep it loose.

I tried again with this Civil War Calvary Horse. I kept it fairly loose and managed to keep some of the background white.

Calvary Horse 8x10 Watercolor
Available on Etsy.

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