Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Custom Painting Process

What do you need to do to get a custom painting of your pet? First off, decide what size painting you need. I have 3 sizes available, 8x10 $80, 11x14 $150, and 16x20 for $250. Keep in mind that they are watercolors and will be framed with mat, so an 8x10 will be framed to an 11x14 size once it is matted.
You can purchase the size custom painting you want off my website,
Then just email your photos to me at If you just have hard copies of photos you can mail them to me.
You can send me the one you want painted, or send me a few if you want my input on which one would make a good painting. Natural light photos work better then photos taken with a flash. Flash tends to make everything look flat, while natural light shows the contours of your pet better. The more I can see, the more I can paint.
Once we decide on the photo we want to use for the painting, I will get your input on how you want it composed. Do you want to show full body, or just a head shot. I will crop it in photoshop and send the cropped photo to you for your approval.
At this time I will also get your color choices, what color you would like the background to be.
Also if you want any changes made, like omitting the collar from the painting, let me know before I start to paint. I work in watercolor, so if you wanted something left out or added, it is best to know up front, because it is very difficult to make major changes once the painting is complete.

When the painting is complete, I will either scan or photograph the finished painting, depending on size, and email to you for your approval. If you want anything touched up, don't be afraid to ask. It's going to be hanging on your wall a lot longer then it will be on my easel. I will do my best to touch it up to your liking.
Once you approve the finished product it will be shipped out to you. I ship all paintings flat, backed by hardboard, and protected by plastic.

Will I sell prints of your custom pet portrait? The answer is no. Even though I retain the rights to the painted image, I will not reproduce it, you will have the only copy.
If you want your painting to have the exposure, I would be more then happy to reproduce it but not without your approval. If you are not happy with the finished painting, I will refund your money and cancel the order. Rejected paintings become the property of the artist and I will have the right to alter and reproduce as I see fit.

How long does the process take? I can usually have your portrait done and in the mail within 7 days. Around the holidays, that may take a little longer depending on how many orders I get.
If you have any questions feel free to email me.

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