Monday, January 3, 2011

Lost and Found Edges

My resolution this new years is to improve my painting style. One way I am going to do it is to work out of  all the Charles Reid books I have.
Today I am working out of "Pulling Your Paintings Together" by Charles Reid.
The subject is lost and found edges.
I am working on a painting of Charles' called "Juan".
In his book Charles was worried about the vest looking to "cut out and pasted" so he want to loose some of the edges. I think he accomplished this by using dry brush and broken edges, and also softening towards the bottom of the vest. I also liked the way he let the white of the sleeves blend in with the white of the paper to keep some of those edges "lost" too.

I am not trying to duplicate Charles' painting, but trying to get the feel of the painting and get into the frame of mind of why he chose to do what he did. His painting was done on 20" paper while mine is on 10", so I am not going for the same amount of detail. Just the lost and found edges.

I started my painting by not worrying too much about detail. Just concentrating on edge control.

Here is my finished version of Juan.
8x10 watercolor on 140lb cold pressed paper.

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  1. Gorgeous work. I really enjoyed reading your process!