Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Metro Meteor in Snow

Acrylics frustrate me sometimes. Well more then sometimes. I can't really seem to get a painting that I like.
I bought a whole bunch of Fredrix watercolor canvases, hoping to be able to do some watercolors that I can just varnish and frame without glass and matboard. Well I couldn't get the hang of those either. It is so easy to lift paint off the surface that I couldn't get the hang of layering over color without making a mess of things. So I thought I would try out my Golden Fluid Acrylics using watercolor techniques, and be able to layer color after it had dried and the undercolor wouldn't lift up.
So I am working from a photo of my favorite subject, my horse Metro. The photo is a little overexposed, but I can correct the color in the painting.
So I started out with the original plan of working transparently and stuck with it for awhile, but then changed plans mid-painting. I liked the way the background was looking, but end up working more opaque on Metro, using oil painting techniques.
I didn't like the way that Metro looked like he was cut out and pasted on to the background, so I switched plans again mid-painting. I pulled out the Golden Open Acrylics, and decided to work opaquely to finish the painting. I repainted the background and worked some more on Metro but there were still too many hard edges, and Metro still looked pasted on. So I decided to make it snow, and started to splatter paint to tie the background in with the figure.
Can you see why acrylics frustrate me. I can't stick to a plan when I paint with them.

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